Fury and Wilder

This is the third fight between the two. In their first fight, Fury barely survived a knockout in the twelfth as he managed to get up and get a draw. In their second fight, he won rather easily, pounding Wilder all over. Wilder is a good athlete who boxes, Fury is a boxer who has athletic skills. In their second bout, Fury adjusted and was more aggressive, using his heights and weight to his advantage.

Wilder problem has been that he has depended upon his power but not boxing skills. He has not improved his boxing skills and until his second fight with Fury, if he was behind on points, he would depend upon his power. Against the Cuban fighter Ortiz, he was behind on points in both fights but his power save him and his power allowed him a draw against Fury and Fury own guts and ability to get up from a devastating knockout save Fury from defeat.

In their last fight, Wilder did not change his strategy but Fury did by not just boxing but he opened up more and took advantage of Wilder defense liability. Wilder must use his athlete ability and move side to side before unleashing his punches. In the past, he has often move in a straight line back ward to escape and against a good boxer like Fury, this made Wilder vulnerable to Fury own power.

Wilder has a puncher chance to win and he has the power to do that. Fury, whose own goal is Joshua to unite the titles but that fight fell through and now he is fighting Wilder, who he prefer not to fight. Will Fury come in overconfident? If so he could run into a Wilder’s right hand.

Fury is the favorite and he is the better boxer and if he boxes, he will set up combinations to win this fight easily. Wilder will win only by knockout, and that is not out of question.

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