Mixed States data

Comparing states with all Republican control of government, all Democrats controlled and states with mixed control. GOP had 4.2% unemployment, mixed governance with 5.1% while Democrats 6.6%. When we added both mixed and Republicans, the overall unemployment was 4.4%.

Mixed governance and GOP were significantly lower than the national average while Democrats were above. GOP were 17% less unemployment than mixed and 36% of Democrats.

If Democrats were similar to Mixed governments or closer to GOP, the unemployment should be under 5% and closer to 4%.

Mixed had 4.5% less death per capita and 5.4% less than Democratic states. Mixed governance had less death per capita vs either GOP or Democratic states. 8 to 10 deaths per 100,000 less.

GOP had superior economic data but mixed government had unemployment superior full blue states and less death per capital of both GOP and Democrats.

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