Data death per capita updated

In all of our studies, we found you had to get out to deaths per million. For example in our 50 states comparing Republican to Democratic governors. both groups had 171 per 100,000 but when you push it to a million, Blue states had 6 per million less deaths which represent a .4 percent difference. Within the margin of error.

Among the divided states, Red States had 176 deaths per 100,000 versus 178 deaths per 100,000 in blue states. Less than 3% difference and not a statistically difference. At a deaths per million it represent 20 deaths more per million.

Only among the bigger states did you see some significant difference as Bigger Red States had 14% less deaths! Overall to be on the conservative side, we didn’t see a significant difference between Red and Blue States on deaths from Covid virus but as we already seen, there were a significant difference in unemployment favoring Republican states.

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