Boxing 2021

Boxing 2021 / RECAP

As the boxing scene closes out 2021, we saw Terrance Crawford showing the world why he is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters, and Vasiliy Lomachenko served notice that he has the skills left to unite the lightweight (135 lb.) title .

Terrance Crawford fought Shawn Porter who has fought the best of his division and never been stopped. Even in defeat, Porter always pushed his opponents as he lost close decisions against the then undefeated Keith Thurman, Kell Brooks, and undefeated Errol Spence, Jr . The latter fight was a split decision and no one ever dominated him.

The first half of the fight was a typical Porter fight … close. Crawford had trouble figuring out Porter’s awkward style . The first nine rounds were close, but Crawford looked like he was starting to open up just enough to take a lead on my scorecard.

In the tenth round, Crawford sent Porter down with a left uppercut at the beginning of the round . Crawford went for the kill as he unleashed punches in bunches. Crawford let loose a combination that ended with a left to the head of Porter, sending Porter to the canvas a second time. Porter’s corner, led by Porter’s dad, called off the fight.

Crawford did what other welterweights could not do: stop Shawn Porter. And now there is one fight left … Crawford vs Spence, Jr., featuring two undefeated welterweight champions.

Vasiliy Lomachenko lost to Teofimo Lopez fourteen months ago and he fought the fight with an injured shoulder. Since then, he defeated Masayoshi Nakatani in June by TKO before defeating Richard Commey, a former lightweight champion with a powerful right hand, this past weekend.

Lomachenko showed us the Lomachenko of old as he boxed and maneuvered his opponent to land accurate shots. Lomachenko landed 248 punches compared to seventy-three for Commey who actually threw more punches. Lomachenko landed 45% of his punches and 58% of his power shots. His defensive skills threw off Commey as Commey only landed 17% of his punches.

In the seventh round, Lomachenko landed thirty-six punches and knocked Commey down. As the round proceeded, Lomachenko looked to Commey’s corner as he signaled to them, “are you not going to stop the fight?” They did not and Commey went the distance as he tried to turn the tide, but he failed. I had the fight 120-107 and the only round in which Commey was even competitive was the first round. Two judges had it 119-108, giving Commey one round, whereas the other judge had the score 117-110, giving Commey three rounds.

Nonito Donaire is the oldest bantamweight champion at 39 and he did the unusual; he moved from featherweight down to bantamweight to claim the championship. He faced his fellow Philippine fighter, Reymart Gaballo, a much younger and undefeated fighter with power. The bout was actually a close one as both fighters landed a similar number of punches and Donaire had trouble landing his left hook consistently even though he landed his right hand.

That is until the fourth round where Donaire landed the picture-perfect left hook to the body, a classic liver shot that sent Gaballo down. Gaballo got up at the count of seven but he stumbled back to the canvas and the fight was stopped.

Unemployment and recovery Trump/Biden

I have noted as the unemployment continues to drop, this is the Trump recovery continuing.… as you can see here, the recession ended before summer of 2020.

Unemployment went from 14.4 in April to 6.7 percent in December with an average of 1.5 million jobs returning to job force. From January 2021 to the present, the unemployment dropped from 6.3 to 4.2 percent. From January of 2021, we have seen 500,000 plus jobs returning.

third quarter growth 2020 33% followed by 4%, in the fourth quarter followed by 6% in First quarter 2021, 6% in the second quarter, 2% in the third quarter. As you can see, this recovery began in the Trump administration.

There are issues with the recovery as we have seen many workers losing ground they gained in the first three years of the Trump administration. We are now seeing inflation which is wiping out wage gains.

Inflation is a Fed responsibility as monetary policy has increased over the past two years and with no growth oriented policies to increase economic growth, we have less goods to buy with all this extra money out there.

Energy prices are strictly the result of Biden’s own plan that reduced our own production while OPEC has basically given the Biden’s administration the middle finger on increasing their production.

As mentioned in the past, this is a Republican job creation recovery as Republican states have unemployment rates 30% lower than Democratic states. The question will inflation turn to stagflation or worse with recessions around the corner?

Lessons to be learned about Wuhan Virus

In reading Scott Atlas book, A Plague Upon Our House, the reader is given the inside story of the Trump response to the Covid pandemics and what become obvious, the mistakes caused by our scientific class.

Atlas details the debate within the administration but what becomes obvious is that neither Trump nor Pence had control of the bureaucracy as Debbie Birks and Anthony Fauci did essentially what they wanted and never considered the results of their failures.  Trump failed to rein Fauci or Birks as they determine policy.

Trump from the beginning was not sold on the original lockdown but he depended upon his experts but as Atlas noted, Birks along with Robert Redfern, the CDC head, fail to comprehend the virus they were dealing with.

Original debate in the Trump White House in January of 2020, how serious was Covid?  It was Peter Navarro who viewed this the second coming of Spanish flu and felt this could have massive impact on the economy.  It was Fauci and other of the scientific class within the administration who viewed this lightly. (Part of Fauci problem is that he believed the Chinese propaganda that it was not serious but then we will find out Fauci and others within the NIH were supporting with American tax dollars gain of function research.)  This was a debate with models beginning to support the original Navarro position that this could be the Spanish flu repeat which would have resulted in at least two million people

In February, Fauci and Redfern stated the IFR would be between .1 to 1 percent which proved correct but by March Fauci was telling Congress this was ten times worse than the flu.  The lockdown originally advertised as short term to reduce overcrowding at the hospitals, but it turned into a stricter economic restriction that threw millions of people out of work. 

Fauci and Birks strategy of “stopping virus in its track” was a disaster from day one and unattainable goal that they should have known unattainable. 

Atlas along with others like Martin Kulldorf, Jay Bhattacharya, and John Ioannidis feared the potential lockdowns and economic restrictions would be worse for America and lead to economic dislocation, more deaths from untreated chronic diseases, impact on younger workers and blue-collar workers who could not afford to say home as well the impact on learning of children not in school.

Much of their concern have been validated but Atlas view of his colleague is worth reviewing since it coincides with my upcoming book, America at the Abyss.  He noted how much of the scientist within the government like Birks and Fauci were not even up to date on the latest research and hung on the losing strategy no matter the cost.  Atlas also concluded that politics colored much of the response.

The key argument he made included:

  1. Protecting the most vulnerable, reduce testing to those with symptoms and the elderly and nursing homes.
  2. The data was showing that children rarely got seriously ill and even the CDC data showed that the flu was more likely to kill children than Corona virus.
  3. The elderly was impact far greater than the younger health population along with those with underlying conditions.
  4. Schools should be open, and the data backed that up.
  5. The politicization of science made it difficult to have reasonable discussion and many ideas were being censored.
  6. The economic price was too high and the much of the middle class, small businesses, blue collar workers, minorities paid the brunt of the attack. 
  7. The virus IFR overall was significantly lower than what was being touted in March of 2020 in the range of .2 to .4.  Fauci original NEJM article was closer to the truth than his congressional testimony in March in which he declared the virus to be ten times as bad as the flu.
  8. Lockdown and economic restrictions did not at all reduce the transmission.
  9. Mask mandates were ineffectual.

Atlas noted that Birks who mostly was in charge and Fauci often went against the desire of the President whose own gut instincts proved right more often than not.

  1. He had doubts about impact of the lockdown and economic restrictions but Birks consistently were telling governors to continue the restrictions.  Mixed messaging was the problem with the Task Force mostly doing what they wanted in spite of the policy above.
  2. Many in the White House did not want to rock to the boat and push Birks to stay within the stated policies
  3. Pence deferred to Birks and rarely challenged her when she stepped on the stated policies of opening up the economy quicker, along with schools. Nor did she buy into the protect the elderly first and allow younger workers to go about their lives  
  4. Trump and Pence failure to keep their own task force focused on their goals not the task force goals was not just a disaster but led to unnecessary suffering still going on.

My own view is that we can compare Trump, Pence and DeSantis on leadership based on this. DeSantis controlled his task force and got them on the page he wanted, they failed. Pence in particular did not do is job in dealing with the task force and Trump rarely pushed it

Vaccines themselves proved effective at reducing deaths and hospitalizations but like previous vaccines for flu, its potency waned and did very little to stop the transmission of the virus.   It was oversold, a point made by Kevin Roche of Heathy Skeptic who predicted much of what would happen on his website the Healthy Skeptic.

Carol Roth notes in her book the impact of the pandemic on smaller businesses as government policies in her view purposedly favor big business at the expense of smaller business.  As she noted, “We were not all in this together” and that restrictions allowed bigger business-like Wal mart and Amazon to increase their share while smaller business declined.

Below are books

What really happened in Wuhan A virus like no other countless infections, millions of deaths by Sharri Markson   

Atlas Plague on our House

The War on small business how the government use the pandemic to crush the backbone of America Carol Roth

When Politicians panicked The New Coronavirus expert opinion and the tragic lapse of REASON John Tamny

Red Driven economy part two

As I stated in the past, this is a red state driven job recovery as Red States unemployment are significantly lower than Blue states.

Biggest threat is the Biden economic plan with surging inflation that is wiping out the wage gain and spending plans that will slow the economy further than the recent 2% GDP recent data show.

The Biden plan is not about expanding the economic pie but dividing the pie as present. The result will be slow economic growth, stagflation or recession. The Feds are now tapering off and giving signals that it won’t print the money to cover the increase spending. With inflation going into 2022, high deficits, the economy will either slow down or simply slip into recession. Best thing for Biden and Democrats to do is nothing, No more spending, no tax increases, the economy will recover.

Red state driven economy part one

The number of jobs by month from May 202. From DOL, “Nonfarm employment has increased by 18.2 million since a recent trough in April 2020 but is down by 4.2 million, or 2.8 percent, from its pre-pandemic level in February 2020. ” means about 80% of jobs have been recovered.

The recovery that begins in May 2020, continues, call it the continuation of Trump recovery into the Biden years.

Unemployment went from 14.4 to 4.6% that is good news. We have averaged 1,200,000 million jobs created since last May. Trump seven months averaged 1,500,000 jobs per month, Biden 500,000 plus per month, good news for both administration. This is the good news.