Recent data on state comparison for unemployment

This data shows unemployment comparison between different studies, the first was comparison lockdown to non-lockdown states or those states who lockdown last fall. Non Lockdown states average 4.2% unemployment vs 5.4% for a 23% difference.

The second study was comparison of states with Republican governors versus Democratic governors. Republican states had a 4.4% vs 6% for a 27% difference.

The third study compared the top 8 populous states, four with Republican governors and four with Democratic governors. GOP states had 5.1% unemployment and 7.4% for Democratic states for 31% differences.

The fourth studies compared Republican or Democratic states defined as controlling all branch government and there were mixed states, where you had both parties controlling aspect of branches. Red States, 4.2% vs 6.6% for blue states for a 36% difference.

Red States and non lockdown states out performed blue states and lockdown states in reducing unemployment since the beginning of the Pandemic with ranges from 23% to 36% difference in less unemployment!

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